About Sophia

Sophia Williams Sophia's Special DeliveriesHi! My name is Sophia – and I am a birth junkie.

I have a degree in child development and was a nanny for more than 13 years. I am now a birth doula, photographer, placenta encapsulator and student midwife.

Since I was a child, I’ve been strongly interested in all aspects of pregnancy, birth and babies. My career goal – midwife – has been my focus for 7 years and is what led me to doula work.

I first learned about doulas and midwives when I nannied for a family who had a home birth. That experience changed my life and I have never looked back. I work as an apprentice for Heart of Midwifery Childbirth Services. I am able to participate in home births while attending National Institute of Midwifery as a student midwife.

My interest in natural living carries over into my career. I support breastfeeding for all babies and am trained in lactation support. I have traveled to a number of cities, helping to teach people that routine infant circumcision is unnecessary and dangerous.

Passion is a strong word, but it describes how I feel toward the birthing experience. I can spend hours in research and know that since every individual is different, I will always be learning new facets in midwifery.

I grew up in Petaluma. It’s a wonderful, caring community and I’m fortunate to live out in the country with my three cats and chickens. I enjoy being outside, working in the garden and caring for the animals. I like being active: working out at CrossFit, hiking and dancing are all great fun.  My family is large and welcoming: we love getting together.

Andrew Ihlenfeldt and Sophia Williams

Me and my boyfriend

Sophia WIlliams and her familyMy family

Onyx KittyOnyx Kitty

Rapture and SargieRapture and Sargie

Sophia Williams and roosterChickens…

Baby chicks…and chicks!

Cat and chickenWe all live peacefully together!

Sophia Williams doing Crossfit with Genesis FitnessGotta stay in shape for all those births!